Why You Should Book Directly with A Hotel

Why You Should Book Directly with A Hotel

So you’ve chosen where you’re going, you’ve arranged an itinerary in your mind and have told everybody you’re traveling soon! The main thing left to do is to locate the ideal hotel, since how great can an occasion or business trip be, without a decent hotel room that accommodates your financial plan?

A consistent conundrum that travelers face when booking hotel rooms is whether to book through an online travel agency, or book legitimately with the hotel.

We’re here to reveal to you that you should book with us. Direct. Here’s the reason.

Lowest Rate Guarantee

When you book directly with us, you are guaranteed the lowest rate offered on any different platforms. Found a lower rate? Do tell us and we’ll match it!

Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades!

Who doesn’t care to be upgraded? Regardless of whether it’s on a flight or a lodging, an upgrade is the feature of any excursion. Book legitimately with us for complimentary room upgrades at all our properties!

Discounts and Cashbacks

If you thought that was it, wait, there’s more. On every booking you make directly with us, you get a 15% discount on food at our restaurants.

One-Point Communication and Flexibility

When you book directly with us, you speak to our dedicated team members who will be your one-point contact for anything you need. Have a change of schedule? Need an early check-in? Require an extra bed for your child? Need an airport transfer? Want to rent a car for a day? Have special dietary requests? Just leave it all to us!